GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER has one simple mission: to provide inspirational, kick ass, female role models across the creative industries. And to do it in a setting that feels inclusive (and not remotely like a conference). Four inspirational women from a range of creative industries share their experiences and advice between courses, creating the most interesting dinner party you'll ever go to.

Jo Wallace, the founder and host of GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER, is a creative director in advertising. Which makes her rather rare, given that only 13% of creative directors in UK ad agencies are female. A strange situation when you consider that more than 80% of purchasing decisions are made by women. During her previous role as regional creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Jo was asked to give a talk about being a female creative director. But rather than talk to the converted, Jo wanted to celebrate female creative talent with an exhibition showcasing a range of women artists.

Together with a crack team, Jo created and co-curated the exhibition There's a Good Girl, named after a best-selling book by Marianne Grabrucker in which she documents her struggles to raise her daughter without gender stereotypes. Twenty incredible women exhibited work, such as Alison Jackson, Pam Glew, Hattie Stewart and Sara Pope

There's a Good Girl received huge press attention, including a double page spread in The Independent and interviews on BBC London Radio - reaching a far wider audience than a talk ever would have. 

Following the exhibition, Jo Wallace hosted a panel event at The Club at The Ivy, entitled Tits & Kicking Ass, discussing the portrayal of women in the media. The turn out for the event was the best The Club at The Ivy had ever experienced, and signaled a genuine desire  to hear female role models in the creative industries speak of their experiences.

As a result, Jo founded GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER in June 2015, inviting four inspirational female role models from a range of creative industries to share their personal stories and advice between courses. The response and feedback was incredible and GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER now takes place once every two months. 

But this is just the beginning...